Watch This First

I'm Excited about This 4th Competition and I hope you are too! 

I wanted a fun way to help enhance everybody's video skills while also creating marketing for everybody AND giving away a prize. I'm excited about this one!


What you will have to do... 

You will be making a 30 second video introducing yourself (this will be posted on my Facebook and Instagram

You will also be making a 60 second video about one of your products or services and this will be on the voting page that will be on my website.

Other info

  • This competition is sponsored by me, Erica Johnson, and only me

  • However, the price for the competition is $5. This is in NO comparison to the true cost of the item.

  • By participating in this, you agree to let me post your videos on my social pages and website and consent to all rules of the competition

  • You will be allowed to ask for feedback on your videos as long as you submit them in the deadline

  • Registration for the competition will be May 11th-12th

  • You will have two days to create your videos - May 13th and 14th, all videos submitted to me by May 14th at 5pm Central will get feedback on what you can change and improve to be more convincing 

  • May 15th. BOTH videos are due. You MUST have both videos in order to qualify for voting

  • Voting will be May 16th and 17th. Ending Sunday, May 17th at 7pm Central. Winner will  be announced on my socials Sunday, May 17th between 9pm-9:30pm Central

  • There are no refunds.

  • The $5 goes towards the cost of the item.

  • A Minimum of 2 people need to be enrolled in the competition. If that doesn't happen by the deadline ONLY THEN will the $5 be refunded.

  • Reminders will be sent in the Community group for this competition (link to the community group will be in the next day assignment

  • Everyone's 30 second videos will live on my page. And you will be tagged so people can find you.

  • The videos on my website will be taken down once the winner has been announced

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