Automations for Your Business: Ep. 33

We have enough to do and think about when running a business, so why not make your programs and systems work for you? Automate! Automate as much as you can without being too impersonal - Automate your emails, social media posts and invoice reminders among other things - that's what this week's episode of the podcast is talking about!

" (00:54) ...Today we are going to talk about automating as part of your marketing plan because you need one, you need a marketing plan and automation makes it really, really easy to not only stay consistent with that marketing plan but it just helps entrepreneurs because usually we're doing things by ourselves or we have a really small team and anything that you can have happen automatically without having to make space in your brain on a constant basis for it, is a plus."

"(03:14) ...It helps me keep track of where, where I'm at with the different pitches because I pitch myself a certain amount of times every week and that number can add up and it's hard trying to keep track of where I'm at and you know, whatever for all these emails."

"(10:44) First thing that does is that I get notified, I get notified on my app because I have the Wix app on my phone and I get notified via email. That makes sure that I don't miss that somebody filled in the form. The second thing that happens automatically at the same time is that the person that filled out the form gets an email saying thank you for wanting to be a guest, here is how we do the interviews and here is a bunch of different questions that I will be pulling from to ask or that you can answer because I wanted people to be prepared."

Listen to the full episode for all of the gems!

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