Starting A Podcast in 3 Steps

It's the end of the "How to Start a Podcast" series on the Everybody Eats Podcast but that doesn't mean you can't catch up if you need to!

In Episode one I talked about what you need to think about and figure out after you have taken the first step of deciding you want a podcast. INCLUDING how to decide how often to post, how to pick a topic, where to host it and MORE

LISTEN HERE (transcript is available for this episode):

Then in the second episode of the series I talked about the equipment and software you need to actually record and edit your podcast. From microphones to computer specs to different editing software (both free and paid) and a bunch of other things you may not had even thought you needed to think about when starting a podcast.

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Then in the last episode of the series I talk about editing and the editing process. Of course since the podcast is audio only, there are some things I couldn't show you (i.e. how to actually cut the "ums" out) but what I DID do is take you through an example process that will ensure you don't miss anything and your podcast episode comes out how you want it to!

LISTEN HERE (transcript is available for this episode):

The next few episodes I have some exciting interviews with entrepreneurs from all over the country and I can't wait for you to hear from them so subscribe to the podcast!

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