School Pictures

If you are a childcare provider, student program director, religious official, sports coach or youth group coordinator and you are in need of individual or group pictures for your participants, look no further!

Erica Jay Photography offers affordable photography services complete with pre-packaged and individual options for pictures. From the group 8x10 to the individual wallet sizes, your parents can choose the photos that they would like to keep as memories. 

Please see below for package information and for booking.

Flat Rates

There is only one, affordable flat booking rate for your business. The rate is dependent upon the number of students being photographed.


$50 for 1-50 youth

$75 for 51-70 youth

$100 for 71-85 youth

*Fee will need to be paid before your picture day is confirmed on the Erica Jay calendar, an invoice will be sent*


Have more than 85 students? Schedule a consultation!

Your flat rate will be determined after determining how many students you have to be photographed.

Staff Pictures

Are you looking to have your staff/volunteers photographed also? It is a GREAT idea to have professional pictures for your staff to use on your website, social media, for ID cards, even for displaying in your hallways or classrooms so that parents can identify who will be taking care of their children!

*delivered electronically to director email, one pose - this is an add on to the Student Pictures. If you only want staff pictures contact me for more information!*

$5 per each staff member/volunteer to be photographed.

Picture Prices

Package A:

(2) 8x10s

(4) 5x7s

(4) 4x5s

8 wallets


Package B:

(1) 8x10

(2) 5x7

(4) 4x5

8 wallets


Package C:

(2) 5x7

(4) 4x5

8 wallets


Package D:

(4) 4x5

8 wallets


Individual and Add on Items:

Class Photo: $8

(1) 8x10 - $8

(2) 5x7s - $8

(4) 4x5s - $8

(4) 3.5x5s - $8

(8) wallets - $8

11oz mug $25 - 8 colors to choose from

Mouse Pad - $15

Flash Drive with Digital files: $30

The Booking Process

If you are interested in having Erica Jay Photography provide your pictures please fill out the form below. 

In the form you will be asked for possible dates for 2 events.


The first is the consultation. The consultation is implying that YES you want to schedule a picture day but the consultation day is for you to meet the owner (Erica Johnson) and for her to see/tour your site and to pick the most optimal place for her to set up for the pictures. You will pick a few days that work for your schedule for this so that Erica can coordinate with her schedule.


The second is the actual picture date. You will be asked to pick a few dates that work for your schedule so that the owner (Erica Johnson) can coordinate that with her calendar. The Picture Day needs to be at LEAST 10 days AFTER the consultation day.

Communication and confirmation for all dates and events will be sent via email only. Please make sure you type in the email correctly! Thank you!

Schedule Your Consultation and Picture Day!
Picture Days start October 21st!
Will you need staff/volunteer pictures?

For Booking, Consultations and Questions please fill out the form below

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