It's time to get SERIOUS about you engaging your customers (and finding new PAYING ones) through social media.

  • 81% of Businesses use Video as part of their marketing strategy

  • 6 out of 10 people would rather watch an online video vs TV

  • Mobile Video views rise by 100% EVERY year

  • By 2022, videos will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic

  • 78% of people watch videos every week...55% EVERY DAY

  • YouTube is the second most popular website (only after Google)

  • 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices

  • 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile will share it with other people



  • 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem

  • Social media posts with video have 48% more views

  • 90% of Twitter video views happen on a mobile device

  • 62% of people said they were more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook Story

  • 75 million people visit Facebook’s video platform every day

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

  • Video campaigns on LinkedIn have 50% view rates

  • 81% of businesses prefer to use Facebook for their video marketing

If I haven't convinced you by now that not only do you NEED to use video but you need to learn to get COMFORTABLE creating videos...then this  ISN'T for you can go ahead and click off.

But if you want to be one of the people who learns how to EFFECTIVELY use video and get COMFORTABLE with it..then this is for you!


5-Day Video Coaching

will give you 1 exercise in your email to do everyday. These exercises are carefully curated to help you get used to recording yourself but also POSTING that video and tapping into the AMAZING engagement that was evident in the stats above!

This isn't a bunch of foo-foo and time wasting no no

The exercises you will be doing will be laying the foundation of you connecting with your audience even MORE and finding NEW potential clients and customers!




I love how straight to the point and easy the instructions were able to follow. I personally procrastinate because I see every single flaw as a reason to not post videos but this has truest helped me to just do it.


I liked the progression of the challenge and the limitations (i.e. 60 seconds or less). The challenge pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am better for it.


I really like it - I can speak of the first one to this one - I really like the change up! I like each week was different. I like that when you post videos - they are relatable and informative as well! I really appreciate the sharing & support you give all of us! And like that each day is different!

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